10th International e-VLBI Workshop announced

Towards Global Real‑Time VLBI

The 10th International e‑VLBI Workshop will be held in South Africa near the Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory, between Nov 13 and Nov 16, 2011.  HartRAO is both a component of the e‑EVN and involved in work towards the South African SKA pathfinder, MeerKAT. HartRAO is also spearheading an effort to convert communications dishes across Africa into an African VLBI network.


E‑VLBI is the enabling technology to realizing a world‑wide, flexible, real‑time VLBI network, where the observing configuration is driven by the science needs.  With the coming expansion of sensitivity to transient radio sources driven by LOFAR, MeerKAT, MWA and ASKAP, the capability of rapid and high‑resolution followup such as can be provided by e‑VLBI will be of increasing importance.

The focus of this workshop will be on both recent scientific results achieved using e‑VLBI and technical advances in the transport, processing and imaging of e‑VLBI data.

Conference: The E‑VLBI workshop will be held Nov 13 to 15 at Amanzingwe Conference centre,near Johannesburg, South Africa, followed by a tour or HartRAO and a discussion of the African VLBI Network on Nov 16.

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