NEXPReS, integrating VLBI and e-VLBI astronomy techniques, concludes three year project

The NEXPReS project successfully concluded on 30 June 2013, after three years of technology development for Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI). The aim of NEXPReS was to eliminate the distinction between traditional disk-based VLBI and real-time e-VLBI, by incorporating elements of each into every observation by the European VLBI Network.

Triggered e-EVN observations help pinpoint puzzling white dwarf

The "triggered e-VLBI" capability of the European VLBI Network has aided an extremely precise measurement of the distance to a star system. This has allowed astronomers to finally solve a decade-old puzzle, confirming our understanding of the way exotic objects like black holes swallow the material they rip off the surface of nearby binary companion stars.

JIVE and the EVN demonstrate ORIENTplus link with e-VLBI observation

On 12 April, JIVE and the EVN conducted a live e-VLBI demo at a launch event for the newly upgraded ORIENTplus link between Beijing and London. View the full press release here.

EU funded research helps astronomers see the bigger picture

A groundbreaking technique to produce real-time, high-resolution images of distant galaxies has been developed by astronomers thanks to EU-funding. Full EU press release.

10th International e-VLBI Workshop announced

The 10th International e-VLBI Workshop will be held near Johannesberg, South Africa, 13-16 November 2011.

Astronomers simulate real-time telescope as big as the world to study peculiar active galaxy

Using a perfectly orchestrated world-wide network of radio telescopes, astronomers have produced a high-resolution map of an AGN belonging to an unknown class of gama ray sources. The unusual source and the groundbreaking technique used to produce the image are detailed in a letter published today in Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Job Posting: Drie wetenschappelijk programmeurs m/v

JIVE en ASTRON zoeken drie wetenschappelijk programmeurs.

e-VLBI highlighted in e-IRG "Blue Paper" 2010

"e-VLBI in Europe" is one of a few select ESFRI Research Infrastructures highlighted in the e-IRG "Blue Paper" 2010.

NEXPReS to further advanced computing and networking for astronomy use

The EC has awarded the new NEXPReS project 3.5 million euros to advance data transfer, buffering, storage and distributed computing technologies. The improvements are expected to significantly enhance the "e-EVN Programme", a SKA Pathfinder Technology.
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